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Siren Technologies prides itself in being at the cutting edge of technology. We adopt and apply technologies that are relevant to the situation. 

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Evaluation of Solar Potential

Evaluate the Solar Potential of your location. This will enable you to install a system of the correct sizing.


Product Reviews

Your guide to the solar energy industry. Get to know the professional manufacturers. Avoid the unreliable and unprofessional.


Component Procurement

Get the right component at the right price in the right quality. Have it delivered to you on site professionally. 


System Design & Installation

Let us design for you and install your energy and security systems. 


Discussion Forum

Join our Forum and keep abreast of developments in the industry. Get exposed to best practice in the market.


Online Solar Calculator

Use our Online Calculator to estimate your requirements for Solar power. Get an idea of the required size for your system.

Solar Products

Solar power systems generally include Solar panels, Batteries and Inverters. These need to be designed for so as to adequately meet the power needs.

Solar Panels: Solar panels capture the energy from the sunlight.
Charge Controllers: These control the charge of the battery by the solar panel.
Batteries: Batteries store the energy generated by the solar panels for later use.

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