Applying Appropriate Technology

Evaluation of Solar Potential


The solar energy that can be trapped and converted to useful power highly depends on the location. Evaluating the Solar Potential of your Location is therefore the first step in any solar installation.

We will evaluate your location based on its latitude and advise on the viability of the installation of a solar system. 

Product REviews


The solar products in the market are produced by different manufacturers and have a high variability in quality. It is challenging to identify items of the appropriate quality. 

We provide you with expert reviews of the products and guide you on purchasing appropriate products. 

Component Procurement


We will advise you on procuring the best deals for components used in Solar power. We will ensure that the components are delivered to location in good time and quality. 

We will pass on to you any benefits that we get on bulk discount.

System Design & Installation


We will design and install your system. We will carry out the design for your specific requirements, based on the data of the location. 

Our team is made up of highly trained, motivated and experienced experts.

Join Forum


Join our discussion forum and benefit from the experiences of others in the industry. Compare notes with other players in the industry. Get the latest information and hacks.

Benefit from the experiences of  those who have walked the path before.

Online Solar Calculator


Our Online Solar Calculator guides you through the process of estimating your solar requirements. You may obtain an exact quotation from a qualified consultant who has considered your needs in detail.  

Simply key in the value of inputs for your location and get an estimate of the required solar power system.

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